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National Maritime Day 2022: Highlighting USMMA Women at Sea

This inspiring Maritime Day video, created by the USMMA Alumni Association and Foundation for 2022, highlights women mariners. These 7 interviewees, King’s Pointers who graduated between 1978 – 2019, tell amazing stories about their career successes and highlights, adventures at sea and offer advice for future mariners. To read the full interviews, please click here.

When Duty Calls

For 75 years, the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy has prepared leaders of exemplary character and expertise who are committed to serve American economic and national security interests.



Dedicated to Serve

Following graduation, U.S. Merchant Marine Academy graduates are committed to serve 8 years in the armed forces or reserves.



The World is Our Campus

“The World is Our Campus” is more than just a motto. It’s our year of real life training at sea to ensure we’re ready to step on deck day one with the trust of everyone on board.


#DidYouKnow: U.S. #MerchantMarines make up 80% of the Navy’s Strategic Sealift Officers, making them the backbone of the Military Sealift Command and a key factor in our nation's defense. Learn more: #WeAreUSMMA
We must do our part to ensure a strong #USMerchant Marine Academy, a vital part of our national defense and economic competitiveness. Learn more: #WeAreUSMMA
The #USMerchantMarineAcademy trains elite leaders who are ready to go on day one in service of American economic Growth and military strength. Learn more about the Academy: #WeAreUSMMA