USMMA Modernization Plan

After nearly 80 years of underinvestment and deterioration, the USMMA’s physical plant pales
when compared to the state-of-the-art infrastructure found at the other federal service

The infrastructure required to provide USMMA midshipmen the specialized education and
training they need to fulfill their mission has been ignored for decades. It is long past time for the
USMMA campus to be made worthy of their commitment to serve our nation. There can be no doubt
that it requires a comprehensive modernization effort.

Full Speed Ahead is a multi-year, $1.02B modernization plan that will upgrade the 80-year-old
physical plant with new academic buildings, physical readiness and training facilities, midshipmen
morale and welfare spaces, parking structures, faculty and senior staff housing, utilities and IT
upgrades, improved campus security, and renovations of many existing buildings.

The Plan was created by The Maritime Security Infrastructure Council (MSIC), which is
comprised of independent experts deeply concerned about the state of USMMA’s campus
infrastructure. It is designed to be accomplished while keeping the Academy 100% operational
throughout and maintaining the highest standards of education and training of the Midshipmen.

The Plan calls for the management of a professional federal construction agent, such as the US
Army Corps of Engineers, as previous efforts by MARAD’s small public works staff have proven


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