See below for the latest stories on the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy and its midshipmen.

Make the Maritime Industry Great Again 

“No sector reflects the urgent need to invest in human capital more than the maritime industry. Responsible for transporting cargo in times of peace — and troops and materiel in times of war — the U.S. merchant marine has carved out critical roles in the country’s economic and national security operations.”

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Preserve the Merchant Marine Academy 

“By appointing Elaine Chao as Secretary of Transportation, President Donald Trump has sent a strong signal that maritime security — and the institutions that train our future leaders — is a serious priority.

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An Urgent Call To Let ‘Sea Year’ Help Maritime Security And American Labor 

“In 2016, the DOT suspended mission-critical training for future officers on commercial and naval vessels. The decision was done with little public comment, even though it has the potential to cause lasting damage to the maritime industry, a sector where economic and national security go hand in hand.”

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Protecting the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy for the next generation of women Mariners 

“The Academy trains the officers who command many of our commercial and naval vessels. It is a difficult job and we owe these men and women a debt of gratitude for their service.”

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World War II Shows Why We Need the Merchant Marine 

In recent weeks, some members of Congress have expressed alarm that the U.S. Merchant Marine is shrinking to a point that America would not be able to find enough cargo ships and merchant mariners to supply American troops in a distant war zone for longer than a few months.

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Davis Training for a Life on the Sea 

While many 18-year-olds are spending their summer vacation working in local businesses, in between trips to the beach, Helen Davis is spending precious time with family… and working out.

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